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This book was pure gold. Adorable, witty, heartwarming, sweet, sexy.

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5 ***** Funny, sweet, sexy, and totally captivating with characters you could feel. There are hordes of hopeless romantics who will love the way this story unfolds. It really drew me in, and I know that anyone who has ever had love sneak up on them will enjoy this book as much as I did. -Amazon Reader

If you are looking for a fun, witty, sweet story that will make you laugh then The Casual Rule is the book for you. I loved this story. It is funny and sexy with a bit of drama all in one.- Three Chicks and Their Books Blog

If you’re looking for a book with a little bit of smut, a little comedy and a ride on an emotional roller coaster, then pick up this book today. You will love Julia. She is incredible and I think she’s one of my new favorite female characters this year. -Nerd Girl Official

If you’re looking for a light and fun romantic comedy with plenty of laughs you are sure to enjoy The Casual Rule! It would make the perfect beach read! -Live & Breathes Book Blog
Funny, sweet, sexy, and totally captivating with characters you could feel. There are hordes of hopeless romantics who will love the way this story unfolds.  – Amazon reader

A little sweet, a little smutty, a little snarky.

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Twenty Things I Hate

Full disclosure before you read this: I’ve been sick for over a week with a killer cold and I’m hopped up on sinus medication while I write this. I make no guarantees it will make any sense. Read at your own risk.

Okay, now that the warnings of medicated stupidity are over…

I’m cranky as hell. I feel like crap. My head has so much pressure I can’t concentrate long enough to write anything for the book or proofread anything already written (hence the warning above). In the spirit of my crankiness, I was mulling over things I dislike. I’m trying to be upbeat by not using the word “hate” even though in my current mood… it may be the better choice.

So here’s a short list of twenty things I greatly dislike most days and hate today (is that better?)

1- Julia Roberts: I don’t know what it is about her that turns me off so much. I liked her in Notting Hill, but that’s because Hugh Grant was in it. Hugh Grant I like. On the off chance that she is reading this… Dear Julia- I didn’t mean to write Julia Roberts, I meant Doris Roberts.

2-Channing Tatum : Sorry, I know the ladies swoon for this guy, but I don’t see it. Yeah, he has a nice body, but the rest… pass. Unless he’s reading this, then I meant Carol Channing (I don’t; she’s a national treasure)

3- Plastic Wrap: It always rips at the wrong spot, sticks to itself and frustrates the hell out of me. I’m pretty certain it thinks it’s smarter than me… and it just may be.

4- Empty toilet paper rolls on the toilet paper holder: It’s a reminder of how lazy my family can be. They take out a new roll of toilet paper and place it on top of the empty roll, but don’t bother to remove the empty cardboard roll and replace it.

5- Buying gasoline: I live in one of two states in the country where you cannot pump your own gas. In my lifetime, I have never pumped my own gas (that should probably go on my tombstone: Here lies AC Netzel- Never Pumped Gas). The fact that I never need to leave my car, face the elements should mean getting gas is no big deal. Once the gas light comes on in my car, I’m filled with dread. There’s no reasonable explanations. All I do is hand the attendant my debit card and my participation is complete. But I hate it.

6- When make-up crud gathers in the corner of my eyes. Gross, just gross.

7- People who saunter through the grocery store: The perfect birthday gift for me would be an hour … alone in a grocery store. With no saunter-ers (I made that word up). No chatty neighbors. No aisle hogs. No sudden cart stoppers.

8- Ambrosia: I know it’s dessert, but it looks like a hot mess to me.

9- Aaron Neville’s Mole: The guy is super talented. But his mole: I don’t know much, but I know I don’t like it.

10- People who say “I know how you feel” when they can’t possibly know how I feel.

11- Ball Pits: When my daughter was a toddler, she had a panic attack in one of the tubes in a ball pit playground at a local fast food chain. I was eight months pregnant with baby #2 at the time. I had to climb in to help her out. I wasn’t one of those pretty “just pregnant from the front women”, I was pregnant EVERYWHERE. Once inside, I saw the horrors that no parent should see. Not only were there filthy balls festering with germs, but there was a corner where some toddler peed. Yes, a pee puddle inside. I had to get my daughter out, without disturbing the pee… then I had to slide my fat pregnant ass down a tube slide. Last time we went there.

12- All the Trump men’s hair: Dudes, you have the money. Fork over the ten bucks, go to a mall and ask the barber to give you a proper haircut. And the gel? Lose it. It’s not working for any of you. I don’t know if the Trump Men lost a bet and that’s why they wear that hair… but it has to stop. Donald, Donald Jr., Eric… Please, find a stylist.

13- People who use big words when simpler words will do. You’re not impressing anyone.

14- My hair on humid days. Hot mess.

15- People who think it’s acceptable to walk up to a pregnant woman and pat her stomach. No, no, no, no, no. That crosses so many personal space and respect lines. This is never okay.

16- Loud sippers: You know people who sip their coffee with that “nails on a chalkboard” loud sippy sound? Ugh. My father was a loud coffee sipper. Loved the man, hated that sound. Or the soda gulpers. Cut it out. Drink like a human. Unless you have a medical condition and you have no choice, don’t slurp. Especially in public.

17- One-Uppers: You know these people. You have a story and they always have a better story. They’re so insecure; they have to steal everyone else’s limelight. Asswipes.

18- Highway Drifters: PICK A DAMN LANE and stay with it.

19- The consistency of tofu: Food shouldn’t be spongy.

20- People who try to force me to take a picture. I don’t like having my photo taken. I never have, even when I was a kid. There are probably ten pictures of me in existence. If I say no… I mean no. Respect it and move on. You’re not going to needle me until I change my mind. It will make me hate you more.


I could go on and on…until the meds wear off anyway, but you get the picture. Feel free to share.

My 2015 Foolproof New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year where we make conscious decisions to better ourselves in the coming year. Ah, the promise of a new year, a clean slate, a new beginning. Like everyone else, I make several pacts with myself to do all the things I promised I’d do on January 1st of the previous year.

I’ll eat healthy, lose weight, exercise, garden, and organize my life. I’ll be the person I knew I could be: a better person, a stronger person… a purposeful person.

After Christmas, I began the planning process. After all, no good project (which is what I consider myself) comes without a carefully thought out plan. I pinned the hell out of Pinterest. I have countless pins of “detox water” recipes (incidentally, 2015 is looking to be the year of the great cucumber/lime-infused pee).

I can make pizza with a cauliflower crust and bake cakes without shortening. I have playlists to walk, jog, and dance to. I’m holding onto cardboard toilet paper rolls to organize my phone chargers. I’m going to recycle and repurpose every pallet Costco is trashing and build a new house with the wood, complete with indoor and outdoor pallet furniture.

Plans for the garden? Let’s just say the head gardeners at New York Botanical Gardens and The White House Rose Garden will seek my advice once they witness my living works of art.

Like most of you, everything on my usual resolution list will be a complete and total failure. None of these things will happen. By January 3rd (I’m being generous here)… this will all be a laughable memory.

So I’ve come up with a solution. A new list… a fail-proof list. Instead of listing all the things I’ll do… why not make a list of all the things I won’t do. (I know, it’s brilliant in its simplicity). Come December 31st, 2015, I will proudly say that I saw all my 2015 Resolutions through.

So here it is. The list of 2015 Resolutions I will keep.

– I will not have dinner on the International Space Station.
– I will not marry Neil Patrick Harris.
– I will not win Jeopardy (unless it’s teen week, then I think I have a shot.)
– I will not share lip-gloss with Vladimir Putin.
– I will not have my prostate examined
– I will not tower over Shaquille O’Neal.
– I will not lay naked on a banquet table while sushi is served on top of me.
– I will not be The Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker ballet.
– I will not perform open heart surgery
– I will not be a sister wife.
– I will not win The Amazing Race or The Voice.
– I will not check my mailbox looking for a letter from Shaun Cassidy thanking me for the fan letter I sent to him when I was twelve. ( I’m Da-Do-Done-Done with you, Shaun!)
– I will not stare at the crotches of the Men’s Olympic swimmers anymore. (This is a lie. I will… and you know you will too.)
– I will not win an Olympic Gold in Curling.
– I will not not drink wine (that’s a trick resolution- double negatives rock!)
– I will not sing a duet with Tony Bennett (unless I’m drunk and you convince me you’re Tony Bennett.)
– I will not win Miss Nude 2015.
– I will not say “Yay! It’s snowing!”
– I will not date Sugar Bear… Momma June scares me.
– I will not star as a love interest in Sharknado 3.
– I will not take George Clooney back when he realizes the mistake he made marrying “that woman”.
So there ya go… Fool Proof Success.

There is just one thing I will do. Enjoy life and remember every day is a gift.

I wish you Happiness, Health and Peace in 2015.



Here’s some very cool news to end the year. My book, The Casual Rule (the link is to your right) was listed as “One of the Best of 2014” by Natalie at Love Between The Sheets.

Here’s what she said:
The Casual Rule by AC Netzel: This book was pure gold. Adorable, witty, heartwarming, sweet, sexy. I had such a fun time reading. Author AC Netzel was able to take a topic that we have all read before, ‘friends-with-benefits’, and turn it into something all her own. The characters felt genuine and were easily likable, the dialogue made me laugh and the romance was just perfect.

Link below:

A huge thank you to Natalie and everyone who has read my book. From the bloggers who took time out of their busy lives : Love Between the Sheets, Three Chicks and Their Book Blog, Nerd Girl, Live and Breathes Book Blog, Hooks & Books, Romance of Daydreams, and G & The Book Divas Blog ( I apologize if I forgot someone) to my fanfiction fans to someone who randomly took a chance on an unknown author.   It’s truly humbling to know that Julia, Ben, and Allie put a smile on your face. I love them and I’m thrilled you do too.

Fanfiction friends: I updated A Different Way on Dec 27th. Here’s the link in case you missed it.

One last thing:

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My name is Annette and I’m a Spoilers Slut

It’s freeing when you own up to who you are. I’m a Spoilers Slut. I’m the person who gets three chapters into a book then immediately skips to the last two pages to see how the story ends.

I’m fairly certain this is common practice among impatient readers like me. I have to know. I need to know. This knowledge of the ending never ruins the book for me. I still enjoy the ride— despite the fact that I already know where we’re going. I like to see how the author got me there.

There are many who hate spoilers. I completely understand why. They want to enjoy the journey all the way through, the way the author intended the story to unfold. It makes perfect sense, but I was never one to subscribe to “making sense.” I have a great deal of respect to those with actual willpower to wait it out. I will never spoil a story for someone else… unless they ask.

My willpower is nonexistent (as I’ve proven many times when I come in contact with an opened bag of potato chips). I’m weak. Very, very weak.

My weakness began early in life. I distinctly remember peeking at the last few pages of Charlotte’s Web when I was a kid. Thank God I did. It gave me time to mentally prepare myself when I actually got to the end… the honest way.

That brings me to now. Google is my enabler. The magical internet allows me to cheat and spoil stories, television shows, movies. It’s a Spoiler Slut’s Xanadu… a mystical place of magnificent cheats and spoilers galore. I am a Search Engine Virtuoso… an expert in Google, Bing, Dogpile, YouTube… you name it and I’ve searched it. My thirst for useless information has diminished my sanity.

When I’m on Goodreads and I see [view spoiler] highlighted in a review, you can be damn sure I’m going to click it. My Spoiler sickness has even lead me to join facebook book groups, just to read threads on books I have no intention on reading (may not be my cup of tea) but the buzz surrounding the book may be so great…I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.

I do the same with movies. I rarely get out to the theater, so I bring the movie to me. Why wait until it comes out in Blu-ray? I don’t have the patience for that… and I will never download a bootleg copy. Never. I can peruse through Rotten Tomatoes or any other site and find my answers. Who dies in the end, will it be a Happily-Ever-After… all my questions answered while in the comfort of my cozy leather chair and pink flannel pajamas.

I realized my spoiler sluttiness was completely out-of-control the other night. It was the last episode of Sons of Anarchy. The Final Ride. I’ve heard this show is excellent but I’ve never watched it.

However, I will admit to ogling endless Gifs of Charlie Hunnan’s perfect man ass in action…over and over and over. Don’t judge. Those who’ve seen it will agree—one look at that man’s glorious buns moving in slow motion and you’ll be perving on your computer screen too. Check it out… and you’re welcome.

I clicked on the Sons of Anarchy (SOA to diehard fans) facebook pages and read thread after thread… in real-time… about what was happening. Seriously, while the action was actually happening on TV. I could have simply turned on the television and found out myself, but for some sick reason, I didn’t. I needed the information via spoiler. There’s no logical reasoning behind this. Even I know it’s bordering on crazy… okay, it’s crazy.

As far as I know, there’s no recovery group for Spoiler Sluts. I’m on my own. I will continue to read spoilers of stories, movies, television shows… Hell, if People Magazine wants to tell me in advance what Jennifer Lawrence is wearing to the Oscars… I’m in.

*** Please never spoil a story for someone else. That just ain’t cool***

There’s a facebook event I’m involved with on Tuesday Dec. 16th. This is my first takeover and I’m already biting my nails. There’s an amazing group of authors and laughs ahead. Please join us… and hold my hand during my 6:00 EST slot. Here’s the info.

Here’s the facebook link:
Rom Com Writers Celebrate Festivus!!!


I’ve had many questions about my second book. It’s coming along. Very nicely lately. Julia, Ben, Allie, and the rest of the gang have been chatting non-stop in my head. I hope to have a publishing date soon. Please sign up for this blog, my facebook page(s) and/or my Amazon author page and you’ll get advance notice.

If you haven’t read my book “The Casual Rule” yet (gasp!)… Click on the book icon to your right.

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Can You Sign This?

I was looking for something on a shelf in my closet when a giant box landed on my head and most of the contents spilled out.  My organizational skills suck. Sprawled out all over the floor were mementos from long (and I mean L-O-N-G) ago. There were cards we held on to — anniversary, Valentines Day, etc.—I even found an invitation to my wedding in the box.

There were ticket stubs from concerts. I’d like to go on record as saying I was a pretty rocking teenager… The Who (their first last tour), Kinks, Grateful Dead, Billy Joel, Police, Rolling Stones (another first last tour), Van Halen (David Lee Roth’s first go-around), Elton John (after John Lennon was killed. Yoko came out during ‘Empty Garden”- very moving), Yes (which I remember hating).

If someone was touring, I was there. It gave me bragging rights the next day in school.  Back then, it was important to give off an “I’m cool, I go to concerts” vibe at all times. I really wish I kept my collection of concert T-shirts—I’d make a small fortune on eBay today.

I struck gold when I came across two items I forgot existed. My autograph albums from Grammar School (5th grade) and Intermediate (8th grade). It was customary for graduating students to ask your friends and teachers to sign a page and wish you well in the future.

My fifth grade book had many of the customary “Best of Luck” and “Best Wishes” sentiments written by teachers. My friends, on the other hand, wrote more colorful but sweet sayings. Things like:

“If all the boys lived a cross the sea, what a good swimmer Annette would be.”

“When you’re old and have nothing to eat, take off your shoes and smell your feet.” (This makes absolutely no sense.)

You get the picture.

Teachers wished me well. Some saying what a “lovely girl” I was (I was… Truly, I was).  I was a bit of a clown when I was nine-years-old, as evidenced by the following words:

lio006humor 5th007

Below was written by my 5th grade teacher. I’m pretty certain I tortured the poor man with my smart-ass mouth and sparkling personality.

Fast forward to eighth-grade. Well, well, well… we certainly lost our wholesome sweetness. It was all about sex… especially for the boys.

8th vagina0128th stuff0108th head009
And apparently I held onto my class clown crown. Fortunately, my teachers appreciated my humor (mostly) and gave it back.

8th tuzzo011

This was written by my math teacher. He was an awesome man. (Note: He knew how to spell “Annette”, back then I called myself many things.  This was my “French” version of my name.  People indulged  me because I was just so darn wonderful.

This little walk down Memory Lane proved to me that although we grow up and become responsible(ish) adults—there’s two things that never change:

Making people laugh will always be my lot in life.

And at any age… if a boy can bring sex into the conversion, he will.

Okay, I haven’t done this in a while, so I’m going for it. A shameless plug…

My book The Casual Rule is available on Amazon for kindle. If you don’t own a kindle, Amazon offers a free Kindle App.

It’s a great read ( if I don’t say so myself), especially this time of the year, as the story includes Christmas Eve & Day chapters.

Here’s the link (or you can click on the book icon to your right)

Here are a few Amazon reviews:

-If you are looking for a fun, witty, sweet story that will make you laugh then The Casual Rule is the book for you. I loved this story. It is funny and sexy with a bit of drama all in one.

-If you’re looking for a book with a little bit of smut, a little comedy and a ride on an emotional roller coaster, then pick up this book today. You will love Julia. She is incredible and I think she’s one of my new favorite female characters this year.
-If you’re looking for a light and fun romantic comedy with plenty of laughs you are sure to enjoy The Casual Rule! It would make the perfect beach read!

-FABULOUS! AWESOME! And every other superlative you can think. OH MY! Such tender love. Totally a page turner and I do mean that.  If I could give it more than 5*, I would. And I rarely ever say that about any book and I have read some terrific books. This book hooked me from the very beginning. No superfluous words. Just amazing writing. If you truly love heartrending romance, READ THIS BOOK. I read it and turned right around the next day and reread it. Still makes me tingle.

-Funny, sweet, sexy, and totally captivating with characters you could feel. There are hordes of hopeless romantics who will love the way this story unfolds.


Re: Fanfiction:

There was an update on the Fifty Shades- A Different Way story on Nov 14th. If you missed it, check it out.


One Last Thing:

Thank you to everyone for the kind words either through comments or private messages on my last blog entry. It’s very much appreciated.

I’ll leave you with a quote by Drew Barrymore:

“Life is very interesting… in the end, some of your greatest pains, become your greatest strengths.”

Faith, Perspective, and Gratitude

I have mentioned occasionally on facebook that this past year has been the worst of my life… purposely cryptic in the details. It’s not that I enjoy being vague… it’s simply because not all stories are mine alone to tell.

But I’m nearing the one year mark and I’m breathing (a little) easier. Despite all the bad happenings, we moved forward.

I mentioned in a previous post that last year my son was hospitalized. What I omitted was how serious the situation was. Our situation was dire. It was bad.

The day he was admitted was the single worst day of my life. You know those movies where everything around the main character is going at a million miles an hour, yet the main character is in slow motion, watching the world zigzag around them… that’s what that day felt like. Frenzied. Overwhelming.

I slept on a cot in his hospital room for ten long nights, while my husband contorted his body to fit on a small couch. I never left the hospital. Never. Every single night when the lights were out and my son slept, I’d watch his heart beating on the monitor to remind myself that he was still with us.

We were living a nightmare. Awake, asleep (what little sleep we got). Didn’t matter. Our nightmare was always present.

Once he was discharged, we weren’t out of the woods. Very far. Yet, I was so grateful that we were able to leave. Many parents don’t have the fortune of walking out of that building with their child. I knew we were still in a serious situation, but we were the lucky ones who got to leave…together.

I took months off from writing. My heart wasn’t in it. My thoughts were a billion miles away, consumed with a fear that I had no idea existed.

In general, I’m not a crier. But over of the last 365 days… I’ve probably cried 200 of them. Morning, afternoon, night…didn’t matter. Most were filled with tears. Sometimes it was hard to wake up and face another day of uncertainty and fear, but I did… because I had to. Because moving forward was the only option. Because curling into the fetal position and cursing the world for our pain got us nowhere.

Forward was the only direction to go.

All during our nightmare year, we had other hardships thrown our way. My father-in-law passed away. My ninety-one year old mother-in-law had her own very serious health crisis. My husband was hospitalized, twice. All while dealing with our son’s heath issue.

So, what’s the point to this? From the series of unimaginable events, what did I gain from this?

Faith, Perspective, and Gratitude.


Life was hard. Waking up to face another day was hard. The continuous numbness that invaded my body and mind with worry was hard to live with. Everything was hard. But I had faith, faith that our situation would turn around. Faith that my son would have the future he so richly deserves.

Faith that my father who passed away years ago would watch over my son and protect him. I called on him during the ride to the hospital to look over us. To this day, my father has never let me down… while he was here on earth or watching over us.


You know that ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ saying? It’s true. I wish it didn’t take my world to get rocked to its core to learn this lesson. Things roll off of me so easily now. Most of the complaints I hear and read on facebook are white noise. Nonsense. Infinitesimal.

I’m not saying we aren’t entitled to gripe. We should gripe, complain, vent, whine on occasion (and wine on a few more). Hell, you want a list of gripes… I’ve got one a mile long. But now I see them for what they are. Blips. Speed Bumps.

Once you live through hell on earth… complaining about traffic or how long it’s taking a waitress to bring your dinner order seems so insignificant.

Inconvenient- definitely.
Annoying- without a doubt.
Inconsiderate- maybe.
Significant- not really.



Nurses: Holy fuck, nurses. Unbelievably wonderful, kind-hearted nurses. You spend a lot of time with the nursing staff when you’re holed up in a hospital for so long. I can’t begin to express my gratitude… everything from their kind words of encouragement to their amazing work ethic. I could never be a nurse. It’s a damn hard job. They deal with people at their worst everyday… and they still show up for work the next day. They’re either saints or crazy… maybe both.

Doctors: Most of us have a love/hate relationship with doctors. I’m guilty of it. But the doctors who helped us were beyond wonderful— their reassuring words, their expertise, and their patience when answering a question for the hundredth time because terrified parents can barely retain a sentence. Today I thank God for them as I watch my son leave for school every morning.

Humor: I am so grateful for my sense of humor. Without it, I would have disappeared deep into the parts of your brain that are dark, cold, and unforgiving. If I were to move forward, I needed an ally. And I found it, the one thing inside me that truly kept me afloat. Humor.

When I sat down at the keyboard again and read over what had already been written, I smiled. That’s when I committed to a direction for my book. If it made me smile, I knew I was going in the right direction. I needed it… and I figured other people needed it too.

Julia Conti, a fictional character, my fictional character shook me out of a three-month long daze. Her snarky thoughts made me laugh. Her friendships warmed me. Her strength was empowering. She was no doormat. Writing Julia became liberating, a chance to escape for a little while.

Humor saved my sanity.

The book took months longer than I intended, but I saw it through. I had to. I no longer quit anything. I didn’t quit on my son’s health and I didn’t quit on this book.

Moving forward was our only option.

This brings me to the point of all this introspective babbling…

Have Faith. Never give up. Fight… fight your doubts, fight your fears.

Keep it all in Perspective. Someone out there is having a worse day than you.

Be Grateful. For what you have, for the good in your life. Don’t wallow in the bitterness, grow in spite of it.

Most importantly…

Be kind. You may not see pain others hide. Some of us are very good at concealing it.

I won’t get my next book out in record speed. I may not update a ff chapter for a long while. I’d love to kick the words out faster. I wish you could see the stories rolling around in my head, but time and circumstances don’t always play nice. And I do what I can do.

I may not return phone calls, emails, or PM’s quickly. I’m unable to keep (or make) appointments far in advance. My life has been on hold for a year— full of things out of my control.

Yet I have no regrets. I have my reasons for the things I do—or don’t do. They’re important reasons—more important than a chapter update, or a book. I take life as it comes. I roll with it. I try not to be bitter. I try not to stay sad or afraid.

I move forward.