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The Casual Rule is FREE for a limited time. One-click while you can!

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The Casual Rule is FREE for a very limited time.  If you don’t own it yet..now’s your chance!  Tell your friends!  This book can be read as a standalone. SHARING IS CARING!

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This book totally worked! From the very first page to the last it was pure gold. Adorable, witty, heartwarming, sweet, sexy …. I had such a fun time reading.-@Love Between the Sheets

If you are looking for a fun, witty, sweet story that will make you laugh then The Casual Rule is the book for you. I loved this story. It is funny and sexy with a bit of drama all in one. @ Three Chicks and Their Books Blog

If you’re looking for a book with a little bit of smut, a little comedy and a ride on an emotional roller coaster, then pick up this book today. You will love Julia. She is incredible and I think she’s one of my new favorite female characters this year.  @ Nerd Girl Official

If you’re looking for a light and fun romantic comedy with plenty of laughs you are sure to enjoy The Casual Rule! It would make the perfect beach read!  @ Live & Breathes Book Blog
FABULOUS! AWESOME! And every other superlative you can think. OH MY! Such tender love. Totally a page turner and I do mean that. Do not start this book at bedtime. I did and finished it at 6 A.M. with an appointment at 9 AM. If I could give it more than 5*, I would. And I rarely ever say that about any book and I have read some terrific books. This book hooked me from the very beginning. No superfluous words. Just amazing writing. I almost passed this book up due to title. Had no idea what it meant. Does not indicate the poignancy and love in this story until you begin reading. But once you get into book, you understand THE CASUAL RULE. If you truly love heartrending romance, READ THIS BOOK. I read it and turned right around the next day and reread it. Still makes me tingle. -Reader Joy
Funny, sweet, sexy, and totally captivating with characters you could feel. There are hordes of hopeless romantics who will love the way this story unfolds.  – Reader B. Turner
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