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Who wants a FREE Book?

You do!

For a very short time, The Casual Rule is FREE on Amazon. (Sale Ends Feb 3rd, 2023)


It’s got everything… 

Snarky girl, sexy guy, friends-with-benefits, love, lust, the best of best friends, two very different families, real-life funny, sweet, emotional, angsty, swoony romantic…
And S-t-e-a-m-y.

The Casual Rule is the first of a series, but can be read as a standalone.

There are no cliffhangers.

Just love.

So much love.


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Julia Conti is living the dream in New York City. She has a job she loves in publishing and shares an apartment in the Village with her lifelong best friend, Allie. Following a bad break-up, Julia swears off of men and relationships, until she meets Ben Martin, an up-and-coming author who is smart, sexy and very easy on the eyes. Fueled by their mutual attraction, close working relationship and fear of relationships, Julia and Ben embark on a purely physical affair, following the Casual Rule. As they bring each other further into their lives, their casual status blurs. Can she keep sex and love separate or will feelings take hold and Julia get her heart broken again?

A little sweet, a little steamy, a little snarky.

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Christmas in July Sale

If Hallmark can shower us in Christmassy Wonder during the month of July… so can I.

For a few short days SNOWMAN is just 99 cents.


Sale Available through Amazon.com & Amazon.uk ONLY. Please check price before you One-Click.

New York real estate developer, Summer Sloane, was just handed a career-changing assignment… persuade three small business owners in the middle of nowhere to sell their properties to make way for a condo complex. Salivating at a juicy promotion, corner office, and impressing her hard-to-please father, she travels to wintry Arid Falls to dazzle the locals and get their signatures on the dotted line.

Little did she know she was stepping into a living, breathing Christmas town crammed with excessively cheerful, fruitcake-loving, over hair-gelled locals who are a few logs short of an open fire—a place even Hallmark would envy.

Her confidence is shaken when she meets charismatic lumberjerk, Nick Snow—the owner of a bait and tackle shop, guardian of a feisty eight-year-old, and her biggest obstacle.

With advice from her chiropractor-addicted best friend, Val… Summer ignores her growing affection for the town brimming with Christmas crackpots—and her undeniable attraction to the handsome, kindhearted Lumberjerk… who sends naughty tingles in all the wrong places.

Can Summer get her signatures and return home with her heart intact, or will the eccentric Christmas town and the man who gets her blood boiling and pulse racing change her mind?

~A little sweet, a little heat, a little offbeat~

Lace-up your snow boots… this is NOT a clean romance.


That’s right… only ninety-nine pennies for a full length Wintery RomCom that will keep you smiling the whole way through.

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This sale is only a few days. Download it, relax in your beach chair and slip into Swoony Romance, a lot of Smiles, and the Odd Christmassy World of Arid Falls.

Snowman is also Available in Kindle Unlimited.