The Story Behind the Words

My fifth book, Snowman, comes out on November 12th.  This book has been in the works for a long time. I can’t wait to share it.

While the days tick by until Release Day, I thought I’d share how Snowman came to be.

The idea for Snowman came while binge-watching Hallmark Christmas movies. I mean, “binge-watching” with a capital B-I-N-G-E. How I love these movies. Truly. With all my heart, I do. Even after watching the same ones over and over again, I could never get enough of the feel-goodness I experienced with each wholesome story.

My husband and I sat on the couch and laughed and laughed as we witnessed the same actors in different roles over the span of several movies, leading us to wonder if Hallmark only employed six actors in total. (Note: I think they’ve expanded to ten). It became a game for us… connecting who dated who in previous stories and crossing over movies. (Sorta like Six Degrees… but you only need two).

Honestly, if it was real life… the scandals would be fabulous. I’d be all over that. No lie.

We watched it so much, the actors became our fake friends. It got to the point that we had nicknames for everyone… Donathon Darcy Darcy, Sebastian (the British Prince/Chocolatier/The Only Handsome Sexy-Accented Man in All of Europe), Hallmark Hunk, Scarecrow, The Always Best Friend, The Always Sage Advisor, the ‘Never Gonna Get the Lead Part’ Second Banana—you get it. 

Crossover dating scenes movie to movie were sometimes amusing, and sometimes they made you go “Hmm.” (Weren’t they brother and sister in last night’s movie?) There was a lot of boyfriend/girlfriend swapping between films.

And the jilted Ex always took a breakup remarkably well.

Her: “I’m sorry I don’t love you anymore.”

Jilted Ex: “It’s fine. I completely understand. Your new guy is certified Hallmark Hot. Enjoy your kiss at minute 59.”

So, I started writing a short story. Just for fun. It was supposed to be an over-the-top, slapstick, ridiculous Christmas town Saga. Probably for my eyes only. Written with the purest intentions out of respect for the movies that I genuinely adore… with a twist of snarkiness that I enjoy writing. (And a lot less wholesome)

As I wrote my version of Christmas Cable TV silliness, Summer and Nick (my leads) came to life in my head and in my heart.  The people in their lives warmed my soul, like your hands around a piping hot mug of cocoa. And the short, silly story I started turned into something more. The strange offbeat town of Christmassy crackpots I created (Arid Falls) and the people who lived there turned into something more.

Something really special.

And the book transformed into Snowman.


This book is for the hopeless romantics who unapologetically binge-watch cable TV Christmas movies, want the kiss before the last minute of the story, and crave a little more… heat.

This is for you.

And me.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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It will also be available on KU.

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