Random Musings…

Lately I’m reading a lot about authors losing their muse…. the very thing that inspires them to write.  This had me thinking.  Do I even have a muse?  I look at writing as I either have it that day or I don’t. 

After giving this a little more thought, I realized that  way of thinking keeps the blame of an off-day on me.

 Screw that when I can blame my lost Muse.

I have enough crap to deal with in life; I don’t want my lack of inspiration to fall  squarely on my shoulders too.  I’ll blame the Muse. That’s when I decided that I need an actual Muse…   a something to pass the blame on to.

Talk about a perfect solutions.  All my shortcomings in a day will fall on the Muse’s watch, while I come out smelling like a rose.  No writing done today…blame the muse.  My house is filthy, blame the messy Muse.  Dinner not made… blame the lazy muse.

That’s right… My Muse is a little bitch.

First I needed something tangible.  A muse I could look in the eye, so to speak, when I shifted blame from my blank imagination to it.

We were blessed with unseasonably warm October weather last week, so I took my writing to the beach. I sat for hours a day, writing, writing and writing, in different colored gel pens.  The writing was going well, but I knew I needed to keep my Muse in my pocket when inspiration ran dry.

First I thought my Muse could be a Seagull that befriended me.  I quickly dismissed the idea when I realized he was only using me for the food I brought along and one of his friends christened me from the air with a giant bird crap bomb.  Besides, Look at this bird’s beady little eyes…clearly he had murder on his mind.


Then I saw it, laying down right next to me. My Muse…Shelly. (Cue the angels singing). Fabulous isn’t she?


So there you go…problem solved.  Whenever I lose my inspiration, I’ll blame it on my pocket sized Muse, Shelly,  until I get it back.

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